Wellness Dental Plan

Service Per Person Include

Comprehensive Exam
(new patient, initial exam)

$145 Value

Limited Exam
(emergency exam)

$100 Value

Periodic Exam
(2 times per year)

$59 Value

Complete X-ray Series

$168 Value
Bitewing X-rays

$88 Value

(cleaning) (2 times per year)

$167 Value

Fluoride Varnish
(2 times per year)

$37 Value

Member Discounts

Whitening Kit
($203 value)
In office whitening
Fillings, Buildups
Crowns, Bridges, Implant Restorations, Veneers
Clear Correct

Member Price

Single $451
Save $510
Dual $852
Save $1070
Family(3) $1253
Save $1630
Family(4) $1654
Save $2190

One of our goals at Dunwoody Dental Smiles is to provide Exceptional Dental Care at an affordable price!


Our Wellness plan is designed to provide great access to higher quality dental care. 

With our Dental Savings Plan there are:
*No Yearly Maximums
*No Deductibles
*No Claim Forms
*No Pre-Authorizations
*No Pre-existing limits
*No Waiting periods

Exclusions and Limitations

*Plan cannot be use in conjunction with an insurance plan or any discount plan, or for services for injuries covered under workman's compensation or auto medical
*Plans are non-refundable---No refunds for premiums will be issues at any time after 30 days of purchase date or once any service has been provided under the plan
*Patients payment is due at time of service 
*It is the responsibility of the patient to schedule any and all benefits under the plan
*In house retail products do not apply
*There will be a $50 reinstatement fee if plan lapses
This is an in office plan and is only honored at Dunwoody Dental Smiles. It is a dental discount plan, not insurance, and cannot be used for the following:
*Referrals to specialists
*Any service not performed in his office


No membership card to carry, nothing to keep track of!